Everything You Wanted to Know About Kidney Stones

How Long do Kidney Stones Take to Pass

Most doctors will tell you that it depends on a number of things and the individual. Honestly, they will not give you a specific answer to how long it takes a kidney stone to pass because they don't know.

Kidney Stone Pain

Size of Kidney Stones

Will probably have the biggest impact on how long it takes a stone to pass. Larger stones will take longer on average than smaller stones. Smaller than 6mm could take anywhere from days to weeks, even months to pass.

I personally had a stone lodged in my left kidney for almost 6 months. This stone was roughly the size of a dime and was only painful when it moved. At first I thought I was having multiple stones every couple of weeks from the pain and passing small stones. Finally I had to have [surgery to remove kidney stones]. Lithotripsy is the surgery performed to remove a kidney stone.

I have also had kidney stones pass in less than a day. And on rare occasions I have passed kidney stones without even knowing I had them until I peed them out. I also know from personal experience that the more kidney stones you have, the less painful they are. I don't think their is any documented evidence of this but I believe it is from previous kidney stones causing scar tissue and making future stones less painful.

It does not take longer to pass one kind of stone versus another. It also does not matter if the stone is on the right or left side kidney.

How to pass a Kidney Stone faster

How Long do Kidney Stones Take to Pass

Most kidney stones will pass by themselves given enough time however, there are things you can do to help the stone along. Drink plenty of fluids, you should be doing this anyways to prevent stones. When you first notice a stone forming increase your level of fluids. You can also use a diuretic to help you urinate more frequently. If you don't have any diuretic pills, you can also use caffeine since caffeine is a natural diuretic. There are also drugs like FloMax that will not help you urinate more but will increase the strength of the flow and help push the stone out faster. Like the name suggests Flow Max

The ultimate goal to passing a kidney stone faster is to pee more with a stronger stream. Anything you can do to help push the stone along its path. So how long does it take a kidney stone to pass will not be an exact answer unless you have surgery to have it removed and that means that you have a large stone that can not pass by itself.

However, if you are a guy and have a kidney stone stuck in your penis, masturbating will not help push the stone out. Your muscles need to be relaxed and masturbating will not help.

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