Everything You Wanted to Know About Kidney Stones

Can Stress Cause Kidney Stones?

Can Kidney Stones be Caused by Stress?

Over the years there have been many studies to see what triggers kidney stones. Kidney stones have been equated the equivalent of child birth for a male. With this much pain you will do whatever you can to prevent it from happening.

Can Kidney Stones be Caused by Stress?

The study was a decent size with 400 total participants, 200 who have previously had kidney stones and 200 who are not effected with stones.

The study found that of the 200 with kidney stones in the previous 2 years they were more likely to have endured major stressful events said Dr. G. Reza Najem of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey the lead researcher on the study.

The type of stress did not have any outcome in the study, it could be both negative stress like a death, job loss, or moving as well as a positive stress like child birth, new job or marriage.

Effectively the study found that of the people who had kidney stones, they had significantly more stress in their lives during the 2 year time than those who did not have as much stress in their lives.

Can Stress Cause Kidney Stones

Happy and Relaxed

To lower your chances of having kidney stones reduce the amount of stress in your life. So kick back, relax and have a beer to prevent kidney stones. Seriously, there is another study that found that beer may help reduce the chance for kidney stones.

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